January 21-22 and February 18-19, 2006


1) RULES: The 2005-2008 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) shall govern except as modified by these Sailing Instructions.

2) ENTRIES: Eligible yachts may enter by submitting an Entry Form to the CYC Club Office before 1100 on the day of the first race entered. PHRF boats shall have submitted a current certificate from the San Francisco Yacht Racing Association or they will be rated by the race committee. The committee may re-rate non-spinnaker boats in the interest of fun and fair racing. Boats racing in one design classes need only conform with their class rules. All boats MUST display a sail number. All yachts must comply with the YRA and USCG requirements for recreational vessels. It is the sole responsibility of each yacht to decide whether or not to start or continue the race.

3) INTERFERENCE WITH OTHER VESSELS: New RRS 22.2 is amended to read "A boat shall not change course if her only purpose is to interfere with a boat making a penalty turn or one on another leg or lap of the course or in a different division or class." Yachts shall not impede the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway, or fishing or other vessels with restricted ability to maneuver. Yachts so doing shall be subject to protest and disqualification upon notice from any competitor, government agency, or the operator of such other vessel. A yacht which recieves five or more horn blasts from a commercial or government vessel shall be presumed to have impeded such passage. The time for protest may be extended in all such cases.

4) NOTICES TO COMPETITORS AND CHANGES IN THE SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: These shall be posted on the bulletin board outside the Club Office and signaled by hoisting the LIMA flag and possibly a numeral pennant on the Clubhouse flag pole on the main deck no later than 1030 hours on the day of the race.

5) COURSES: Courses will be indicated by the hoist of a numeral pennant(s) with the Preparatory Signal. The courses are described on the sheet attached. The Race Committee may fly signal flag TANGO signifying "Twice Around," in which case the first lap shall not include the finishing mark.

6) STARTING SIGNALS: Starting signals will be in accordance with US Sailing Rule 26 with classes starting at five minute intervals. Multiple classes may be starting at one time. Signals for the starting period will be displayed on the committee boat and finishing signals will be displayed on the Clubhouse flag pole on the main deck. The Race Committee may make announcements on Channel 72.

7) STARTING LINE: The starting line shall be between an orange inflatable buoy and a white or orange flag on the committee boat located in Belvedere Cove or in the Knox sailing area. The Committee may, but is not required, to signal its intention to set the starting line in the Knox area by flying flag KILO. Yachts shall stay clear of the starting line until after their preparatory signal. The Race Committee intends to use the "I" flag. (See RRS 30.1 for one-minute, round-an-end rule)

8) LIMITING MARK: A buoy may be set to protect the committee boat, close to it. The area between any part of the committee boat and the buoy is a restricted area into which no yacht shall pass. Any yacht entering this restricted area, at any time, is subject to protest by the Race Committee and disqualification. The limiting mark shall be considered a mark of the course.

9) RECALLS AND POSTPONEMENTS: Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with Rule 29.2. When a general recall has been signaled, a new preparatory signal will be made 1 minute after lowering of code flag First Substitute along with the firing of one gun. The signal to postpone is the Answering Pennantwith two guns. The postponement period ends with the lowering of the pennant and one gun. The sequence begins one minute later. A shoreside postponement may be signaled (two guns, answering Pennant on flagpole ashore), in which case the warning signal will be made 30 minutes after the end of that postponement period. Following a recall or postponement, starting shall resume in the order set out in these Instructions.

10) FINISH LINE: The finish line shall be between an orange inflatable buoy in Belvedere Cove and an orange shape on the race deck of the CYC Clubhouse, and is restricted as set forth below.

11) RESTRICTED AREAS: The area between each of the following restricted objects and the nearby land shall be considered restricted areas as if a point of land extended from the restricted object to the shore, precluding passing between the restricted object and the land: the H Beam west of the St. Francis YC; the bell buoy off the west end of Alcatraz; the buoy off Point Blunt on the SE corner of Angel Island; and the area between shore and any rocks which are visible or awash at low tide. The finish line is restricted except when finishing. Boats with one or both sails down, enroute to SFYC, may traverse the finish line after finishing provided they stay clear of boats racing.

12) ALTERNATE PENALTIES: The two-turns alternate penalty, in accordance with Rule 44.2, will apply. In the J/105 fleet, the alternate penalty specified by class rules shall apply.

13) TIME LIMIT: The time limit for all boats will be 17:00. Any yacht still racing will be scored DNF whether or not other yachts in the same class have finished.

14) PROTESTS: Must be filed on US Sailing protest forms, at the Club Office, by 6 p.m. January 22 for the first weekend and by 6 p.m. on the day of the race for the second. Protest hearings will be held in the CYC Library on the Wednesday following the first weekend and immediately after the race on the second weekend, if possible.

15) SCORING: Low Point Scoring System, Rule A2, will apply with the following modifications: there are four scheduled raced with no throw outs; a DNF will score as one more than the number of finishers in the class for that race; DNS will score as one more than the number of starters; and DSQ two more. Corrected times will be computed using the time-on-time method.

16) TROPHIES: Daily trophies will be awarded after each race at the CYC Clubhouse as soon as possible. Skippers or crew must be present to recieve the daily trophies. The 2006 Midwinter Series trophies will be awarded in the CYC Ballroom after the racing ends on Sunday, February 20th. The Aotea Team Trophy (for best three-boat team from the same yacht club), the Best Performance trophy, and the Best Performance by a CYC Member trophy will also be awarded at that time. Class trophies will be awarded for first place in each designated class, second place if seven yachts in a class are entered, third for nine entries, fourth place for twelve entries, and fifth place for fifteen entries. For purposes of the series trophies, the number of trophies awarded shall be determined based on the number of entries received by the end of the first weekend of racing. Other special, performance, and possibly faintly mocking, trophies will also be awarded.

17) HOIST: Use of the CYC hoist is forbidden between noon Saturday and noon Sunday on both race weekends to allow rafting in the harbor.

18) CLASSES AND DIVISIONS: Divisions are subject to change by amendment or by notice to boats affected. Boats without PHRF certificates and Non-spinnaker boats, please consult the roster to see your assigned rating and class. Boats near the edges of their divisions may be moved to adjacent divisions by approval of race committee.

19) AMENDMENT 1: PHRF 0 shall be for boats rated less than 16 and shall start with Class A, sailing twice around. Non-Spinnaker 2 is hereby renamed “Cruiser Division”, IOD’s and other racing boats less than 160 PHRF non-spinnaker will sail with PHRF 1.

First Warning Gun will be at 11:55 am.
Div NoDivisionFlagStart
1Sydney 38A 12:00
2One Design 35A 12:00
3PHRF 1 (Below 80)B 12:05
4Beneteau 40.7C 12:10
5IORC 12:10
6J/105D 12:15
7PHRF 2 (80-115)E 12:20
8Non-Spin 1 (Below 134)E 12:20
9SF Bay 30F 12:25
Div NoDivisionFlagStart
10Non-Spin 2 (135-160)G 12:30
11PHRF 3 (116-135)H 12:35
12PHRF 4 (136-170)J 12:40
13IOD Non-SpinJ 12:40
14Alerion Express 28K 12:45
15Moore 24K 12:45
16Non-Spin 3 (161-up)L 12:50
17PHRF 5 (171-up)L 12:50

1. S -- 15 -- 12 -- Y -- F (4.3 nm)
2. S -- 12 -- 4 -- 12 -- Y -- F (4.7 nm)
3. S -- 12 -- 4 -- 15 -- Y -- F (5.8 nm)
4. S -- 15 -- 17 -- 15 -- Y -- F (6.0 nm)
5. S -- 6 -- Y -- F (7.4 nm)
6. S -- 16 -- Y -- F (7.5 nm)
7. S -- 12 -- SSH -- Y -- F (7.5 nm)
8. S -- 12 -- 6 -- Y -- F (7.5 nm)
9. S -- 15 -- SSH -- Y -- F (8.5 nm)
10. S -- 6 -- 4 -- 12 -- Y -- F (8.7 nm)
12. S -- 16 -- 6 -- Y -- F (9.0 nm)
13. S -- 15 -- 16 -- 6 -- Y -- F (9.1 nm)
14. S -- 16 -- 18 -- Y -- F (10.5 nm)
15. S -- 17 -- 18 -- SSH -- Y -- F (10.6 nm)
16. S -- 17 -- 6 -- SSH -- Y -- F (10.7 nm)
17. S -- 16 -- 6 -- 4 -- 15 -- Y -- F (11.3 nm)
18. S -- 16 -- SSH -- Y -- F (11.5 nm)
19. S -- 16 -- 18 -- 17 -- 15 -- Y -- F (12.1 nm)
20. S -- 6 -- 18 -- 16 -- 6 -- Y -- F (13.4 nm)

All Marks Left To Port. Distances are approximate.
4 - Point Knox (R '2', flash red, 4 seconds)
6 - Fort Mason (yellow ball, 200 yds. north of Ft. Mason)
12 - Little Harding (G '1', flash green, 4 seconds)
15 - Yellow Bluff (yellow ball 'Y', approx. .75 NE of GG Bridge)
16 - Blackaller (yellow ball, approx. .2 nm) E of Fort Point)
17 - Harding Rock (RG 'HR', quick flash red)
18 - Blossom Rock (RG 'BR', quick flash, bell)
Y - 'Elephant Rock' (orange inflatable approx. .2 nm) E of CYC. Near La Caprice)
SSH - Southampton Shoals Platform (E Int. red, 6 sec, 32 ft., 6M bell)

21. S -- SC2 -- 25 -- Y -- F (5.1 nm)
23. S -- SSH -- SC2 -- Y -- F (5.6 nm)
24. S -- SSH -- SC6 -- 25 -- F (6.1 nm)
25. S -- SSH -- 25 -- Y -- F (6.6 nm)
26. S -- SSH -- SC4 -- Y -- F (6.7 nm)
27. S -- SSH -- SC4 -- Y -- F (6.7 nm)
28. S -- SC6 -- 25 -- SC2 -- Y -- F (7.2 nm)
29. S -- SSH -- 17 -- Y -- F (8.1 nm)
30. S -- SSH -- R.Rock -- Y -- F (9.5 nm)


25 - R '10' (approx. one mile E of Pt. Chauncy)
R.Rock - Red Rock Island SC2 - R '2' (Flash red 2.5 sec. (south end of Southampton Shoal Channel)
SC4 - R '4' (Flash red 2.5 sec. - between SC2 and SC6)
SC6 - R '6' (North end of Southampton Shoal Channel)
SSH - Southampton Shoals Platform (E Int. red, 6 sec, 32 ft., 6M bell)

Unofficial mark descriptions and charts may be found at
**** Please follow the harbormaster's directions when rafting up *****