Corinthian Yacht Club

Races Run April 7 - September 1 Award Presentations June 9, July 7, September 1

1. RULES: THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR THE SPRING HALF and Midsummer Regatta ONLY. The regatta will be governed by the 2005-2009 Racing Rules of Sailing. New instructions will be issued for the Summer Half.

2. HANDICAPS: Yachts will race under PHRF and must have a valid 2006 certificate on file with the Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay. ODCA-registered boats will be rated at their one-design rating if sailed in class trim. If a yacht does not have a valid PHRF certificate, the Race Committee will assign a rating, at its sole and unappealable discretion and may further adjust non-spinnaker boats ratings whether or not they have a PHRF certificate.

3. ENTRIES: Eligible yachts may enter at any time during the series by completing an Entry Form and delivering it - along with the applicable fee - to the Corinthian Yacht Club office prior to the first race in which they sail. Entry forms are available at the club office, and are also downloadable via the club website at

4. RESPONSIBILITY: It is the sole responsibility of each yacht to decide whether or not to start or continue a race.

5. NOTICES TO COMPETITORS AND CHANGES IN THE SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: These shall be posted on the bulletin board outside the Club Office and signaled by hoisting the 'L' flag, and optionally a numeral pennant, on the Clubhouse flagpole

6. MINIMUM EQUIPMENT: All yachts must comply with the USCG requirements for recreational vessels including running lights. The CYC strongly recommends that PFDs are worn while on the water, and that yachts carry daytime-visible orange smoke canisters.

7. SIGNALS: Starting signals shall be per RRS 26, with division starts at five-minute intervals such that each succeeding class' warning signal is scheduled to be simultaneous with the previous class' starting signal. RRS 26 is amended such that if the Race Committee uses a single halyard to simultaneously drop the starting class' signal and raise the warning signal for the next class, time shall be taken for both the start and the warning from the hoist of the warning flag.

8. COURSES: will be indicated by the hoisting of a course pennant and by number placards hung from the race deck at, or shortly after (RRS 26 is thus amended), each class' warning signal. Courses and marks are indicated below.

9. RESTRICTED: For the purpose of RRS 18, 19, and 28, the following markers shall be left shorward:   Anita Rock & any buoy marking same, vertical 'H' beam off Water Quality Control Plant west of St. Francis Yacht Club, bell buoy off the west end of Alcatraz, and Point Blunt buoy off of Angel Island. Any rocks visible at Mean Lower Low Water immediately adjacent to Contra Costa County, Marin County, or San Francisco shorelines shall be left to shorward, except for Mile Rock, The Brothers, and Red Rock.

10. START/FINISH LINE, SUMMARY PENALTY: The starting and finish line shall be between an orange buoy located approximately 300 yards SSE of the CYC Clubhouse and an orange shape on the CYC Race Deck. THE STARTING LINE IS RESTRICTED, and yachts are required to stay away from the line until their preparatory signal. As an alternative to disqualification, the Race Committee may assess a five-minute penalty for violation of a restricted starting line. The finish line is not restricted after a yacht has started, but non-racing yachts are requested not to obscure the committee's view of finishing yachts .

11. RECALLS: Individual recalls will be signaled in accordance with RRS 29.2. Individual recalls may be announced on VHF channel 68. The absence of a hail by the Race Committee, or failure of a vessel to hear such a hail, shall not exonerate an 'over early' yacht.

12. POSTPONEMENT: After a postponment or general recall has ended, yachts will start in the order indicated on the sailing instructions rather than the at originally designated times.

13. COURSE ALTERATIONS: The Race Committee may shorten the course by finishing the race at any mark. A Race Committee boat stationed near the mark will fly an 'S' (Sierra) flag and a sound signal for each finishing boat. In these circumstances, the finish line shall be between the 'S' flag and the nearby mark. When a shortened course affects fewer than all classes passing the mark, the Race Committee boat will fly the 'S' flag AND the class flags of those classes affected by the shortened course.

14. TIME LIMIT: The time limit for all divisions is fifteen minutes after sunset as defined in the local tide book. HOWEVER, if at such time limit a vessel has passed mark Y on the way to the finish, but has not yet finished, the time limit for that boat's class shall be extended to one-half hour after sunset. Any yacht not finishing by the time  limit will be scored DNF. Yachts withdrawing, or finishing after dark are requested to inform the Race Committee of your finish time, if any, and sail number.

15. RADIO: The Race Committee will monitor VHF Channel 68. Racers are encouraged to monitor channel 68.

16. PROTESTS: Protests may be filed at the CYC Clubhouse no later than Tuesday following the day of the race. Protests are to be filed on US Sailing Protest Forms, available at the Club office, and will be heard at a later date. The Race Committee is not obligated to respond to informal requests and will not accept informal requests for corrections (e.g. missed finish) made later than the Thursday following the race.

17. DAILY TROPHIES: Daily trophies in each division will be awarded at the Clubhouse as soon as the results are available. The yacht's skipper or a crew member must be present to receive the daily trophies.

18. SERIES SCORING: The races held on April 7 and September 1 will not be counted in series scoring. The Friday Night Series is scored in three parts: the Spring Series (April 14 through June 2), the MidSummer Regatta (June 9 through June 30) and the Summer Series (July 7 through August 25). Spring Series trophies will be awarded June 9, MidSummer trophies on July 7, and Summer Series trophies on September 1. In each series, overall trophies will be awarded for first place, and additional places depending on the number of entries in all divisions. Each series half will have two throw-out races.  There will be one throwout in the MidSummer series.  The race committee may reclassify boats within divisions and subdivide divisions prior to the award of trophies.

The Low Point scoring system will apply with points being assigned as follows: one point for first place, two points for second place, and so on. DNF scores will equal one more than the total number of finishers. DNS or DNC scores will equal one more than the total number of starters. DSQ scores will equal two more than the total number of starters. Race ties shall be scored per RRS A7; series ties shall be broken per RRS A8.

19. VESSEL SAIL NUMBERS: All entrants shall display a - preferably unique - sail number. Vessels that do not have such numbers on their sails shall display a cloth or placard on the port and starboard sides of the vessel, using a number assigned by the Race Committee in advance. Contact the Race Committee for such a number. Vessels without proper sail numbers shall not be surprised if their finishes are not recorded.

20. CLASSES: Class assignments are listed below.  Non-Spinnaker boats are classified according to their PHRF ratings without non-spinnaker adjustments for sail size and roller furling. At the discretion of the Race Committee, boats near the margins of their class divisions may be reassigned to a different class upon request. The single-turn penalty rule, as set forth in the J105 class rules shall apply to the J-105 class. The Cruising Class is for boats designed as cruisers, not racers, and which have common design characteristics including HDA "R" value around 200, permanent galleys, berths, engines, and enclosed heads. An example of a Cruiser is a Catalina 30. A racer is a Santa Cruz 27. The Race Committee shall assign boats between the two divisions.
Division (Start Time) Description Signals (note that at each start/5 minute interval there is a simultaneous drop and hoist. Just one gun!)
J-105 (18:30) J-105 18:25 A up + course + gun
18:26 prep up + gun
18:29 prep + course down + horn
18:30 A down + gun; START
Non-Spinnaker 1 (18:35) PHRF < 127 18:30 B up + course + gun
18:31 prep up + gun
18:34 prep + course down + horn
18:35 B down + gun; START
Spinnaker 1 (18:40) PHRF < 100 18:35 C up + course + gun
18:36 prep up + gun
18:39 prep + course down + horn
18:40 C down + gun; START
Non-Spinnaker 2R (18:45) PHRF 127-180: Racing Ancestry 18:40 D up + course + gun
18:41 prep up + gun
18:44 prep + course down + horn
18:45 D down + gun; START
Non-Spinnaker 2C (18:45) PHRF 127-180: Cruising Class
Spinnaker 2 (18:50) PHRF 100-180 18:45 E up + course + gun
18:46 prep up + gun
18:49 prep + course down + horn
18:50 E down + gun; START
Non-Spinnaker 3 (18:55) PHRF 181 + 18:50 F up + course + gun
18:51 prep up + gun
18:54 prep + course down + horn
18:55 F down + gun; START
Spinnaker 3 (18:55) PHRF 181 +

21. COURSES and MARKS:  All marks are left to port except where noted
No Course Length
1 S - 4 - Y - F 2.4 nm
2 S - 4 - PS - 4 - Y - F 3.5 nm
3 S - 12 - Y - F 3.3 nm
4 S - 12 - PS - Y - F 3.3 nm
5 S - 12 - 4 - Y - F 3.5 nm
6 S - 12 - 4 - 12 - 4 - Y - F 4.9 nm
7 S - 12 - PS - 12 - Y - F 5.5 nm
8 S - 12 - SSH - Y - F 7.5 nm
9 S - 15 - Y - F 4.1 nm
10 S - 15 - 4 - Y - F 4.5 nm
12 S - 15 - 17 - 4 - Y - F 4.5 nm
13 S - 15 - 4 - 15 - Y - F 6.8 nm
14 S - 15 - 6 - 4 - Y - F 7.7 nm
15 S - 15 - SC2 - Y - F 7.7 nm
16 S - 15 - 6(S) - 16(S) - Y - F 9.8 nm
17 S - 16 (S) - Y - F 7.5 nm
19 S - 6 (S) - 16 (S) - Y - F 9.0 nm
20 S - 17 - Y - F 4.0 nm
21 S - 17 - 4 -Y - F -- nm
23 S - 17 - AI - F -- nm
24 S - BX(S) - RB - BX(P) - Y - F 2.4 nm
25 S - BX(S) - RB - PS - Y - F 2.8 nm
26 S - BX(S) - RB - 4 - Y - F 3.5 nm
27 S - 15 - 4 - 15 - 4 - Y - F -- nm
31 S - 12 - AI - Y - F
32 S - 12 - ALK - Y - F
34 S - 16(S) - SSH - Y - F 11.5 nm
35 S - 17 - ALK - AI - Y - F -- nm
Mark Description
4 R "2" Fl 4s Pt. Knox
6 Yellow Sphere "M" 200 yd. N. of Ft. Mason Docks
12 Little Harding Rock G "1" Fl G 4s
15 Yellow Mark "Y" Approx. 0.5NM E. of Yellow Bluff
(or temporary marker or shore boat if not in place)
16 Yellow Sphere "C" 0.2NM E. of Ft Point - "Blackaller"
17 Harding Rock RG "HR" Fl (2+1) R 6s
18 Blossom Rock RG "BR" Fl (2+1) G 6s Bell
ALK Alkatraz Island - note restricted areas
AI Angel Island - note restricted areas
RB R #2 on pole marking entrance to Richardson Bay Channel
BX G #3 off the S tip of Belvedere Island
PS R #4 NW tip of Angel Island (Pt. Stewart)
SC2 R #2 E. of Raccoon Straights, marks Southampton Channel
SSH South Hampton Shoals Platform
S, F Starting and Finish Line
Y Elephant Rock buoy (inflatable near The Caprice restaurant)