Notice of Regatta

The Corinthian Yacht Club

2006 Friday Night Series

·         Spring Series - April 7 - June 2

·         Midsummer Regatta – June 9 – June 30

·         Summer Series - July 7 - September 1

Award Parties June 9, July 7 and September 1


The regatta is organized by the Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco. It will be conducted according to the Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008 and take place April 7 through September 1, 2006 The April 7 and September 1 races shall not be counted in season totals. The regatta is open to all boats eligible to race in YRA races. The race shall be scored under PHRF or one-design rules as appropriate.  All yachts should have a current PHRF certificate. Those without PHRF certificates will be assigned a possibly unfavorable rating at the sole and unappealable discretion of the race committee.  Non-Spinnaker boats may have their ratings adjusted by the committee. 

Regatta Information

The regatta will consist of one race each Friday evening. The regatta shall be scored in two halves, each with two throw-outs, with the Midsummer Regatta between the two (June 9-June 30), with only one throw-out.  The first half shall be scored from April 14 through June 2, and the second half shall be scored from July 7 through August 25. September 1 race is also a non-counter.  Daily trophies will be awarded each Friday, and series trophies will be awarded based on the low point scoring system (RRS Appendix A) as further described in the Sailing Instructions. Additional trophies may be awarded at the cruel whim of the Race Committee

Sailing Instructions to be issued a week or so before 1st race. Will be posted on CYC web site and available in hard copy at the club.

A new “Cruiser Division” designed for those slightly heavier, well sailed boats that just like to take a little longer – so even I might win a trophy!


The races will start and finish off the CYC race deck. The races will take place entirely within San Francisco Bay.


Entry fee for this regatta - all three portions - is $60. The Entry Form may be found on the CYC website.