2022 Corinthian Resolution Regatta

Start the New Year off right.

Entries must be received by December 31, 2021 at 12:00hrs

This is a pursuit race. There will be three fleets available for competitors to enter.
 BAMA is for boat holding a 2021 NCBAMA rating
 PHRF is for boats holding a 2021 NCPHRF rating
 Non-Spinnaker Fleet is for boats with a 2021 NCPHRF rating that is rated with spinnakers but racing without them, and specified other boats, if accepted by the Race Committee. IOD’s, AE28, Wyliecats and other cat boats shall race in the Spinnaker division. All boats in the Non-Spinnaker divisions are subject to ratings modification by the Race Committees discretion.

The entry fee for the regatta will be $50.

The warning for the race will be at 12:25hrs and the slowest rated boat starting at 12:30hrs. All other competitors start times will be adjusted according to their rating.

All participating boats should have a valid 2021 BAMA or NCPHRF certificate. The race committee may, at its discretion, waive the ratings certificate and/or, assign ratings to boats provisionally or finally where (a) YRA has not delivered an applied-for rating or (b) racing one-design or (c) racing non-spinnaker.