2021 Midwinters Message Log

Subject: Courses, Div Assignments. SI's up for CYC Mids

Sent: 2021-02-17 13:12 PST to 45 recipients.


Find them all here: https://race.cyc.org/mids21

It's a weird year, so we are trialling a few new features in this venerable regatta.

So, boats are being assigned to divisions based not only on rating but also performance characteristics. See the roster or standings page to see who is where.

Also! Sundays will be pursuit races. Is that different enough for you? No? Okay, here's the deal:

Slower fleets will have shorter pursuit courses, because nothing is sadder than waiting for a Cal 20 to sail 10 miles in Winter light wind conditions!

See the Sailing Instructions to sort it out.  We'll see you on the water!

In a mask. Distanced. You know the drill.