2021 Midwinters

With the easing of restrictions by Marin County, we are able to resume limited racing including the MidWinters.

The February 20-21 dates will become races 1 and 2 and a make-up weekend on March 6-7 for races 3 and 4.

With the restrictions in place reducing our Race Committee team size, CYC are planning for a regular race on Saturdays with starts and finishes on the water while Sundays will be pursuit race starts with Race Deck finishing.  Fleet scoring will continue with the Pursuit racing.

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--- regular race note:

2021 comes roaring back!  CYC's popular midwinter regatta returns to San Francisco Bay.  Two great weekends of Racing, February 20-21 and March 6-7.  As always, daily prizes, tricky currents, challenging courses and more!


Fleets will be defined based on entry registration and may include Multihull, PHRF, J/105, AE28, J/24, J/70, J/88, Non-Spinnaker, One Design Short-handed and Sportboat. A fleet with five or fewer boats may be merged with another fleet. Final fleet assignments will be set out in the sailing instructions

• BAMA and PHRF fleets will be grouped primarily based on their relevant assigned rating.

• One Design fleets of five or more entries may have separate scoring while racing with an PHRF division and are defined for their respective classes and are subject to their respective One Design fleet rules. One Design fleets of seven or more entries will have a separate start.

• Non-Spinnaker Fleet is for boats rated with spinnakers but racing without them, and specified other boats, if accepted by the Race Committee.

IOD’s, Wyliecats and other cat boats shall race in the Spinnaker division. AE28s shall race in the AE28 division. All boats in the Non-Spinnaker divisions are subject to ratings modification by the Race Committees discretion. Knarrs registered in a NonSpinnaker fleet will have their rating adjusted