2018 Cal 20 One Design Regatta entry

This is the signup page for the 2018 Cal 20 One Design Regatta.

From the NOR.


2.1            The skipper shall be a member of the CYC, except in instances where the organizing committee invites skippers from outside the club to participate in an effort to enhance the competition.

2.2            Each boat can sail with any number of crew on board.

2.3            The series will be raced on Cal 20s that have been loaned to the club for this regatta.

2.4            Eligible skippers may register by completing the online registration form found on the CYC website. 

2.5            All entries must be received by November 1st.


6.0            FEES AND PRIZES

6.1            The entry fee for this series is $20.

6.2            A skipper will be charged up to the $1,000 insurance deductible for any damage done to the borrowed boats.

6.3            Awards will be given out on Sunday at the CYC clubhouse to the top placing skippers and crew.


In the form below, enter your name as the "boat name" because we will be using borrowed boats.


Assumption of risk and release from liability: I, the undersigned, certify that I have read and understand the published racing rules, and I agree to abide by them. Sailing is a sport, and as such will expose its participants to inherent risks that both I and my crew know and accept. My crew and I enter this event of our own free will and hold the Corinthian Yacht Club, its Officers, its Directors, and all concerned committees harmless and free of liability of any nature whatsoever for accident or injury to myself, crew or my yacht. I certify that I will maintain marine liability insurance throughout my participation in the regatta. I also certify that I will have personal flotation devices (PFDs) and other required safety equipment for everyone on my boat and will take responsibility for their proper use. I consent to receive e-mail updates from CYC

J22? Express 27? TP52?
Please type your name here as your legal signature agreeing to the waiver