2014 CYC MidWinter Regatta

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Second amendment added.  New courses etc.


January 18-19, February 15-16

The 2014 Midwinter Regatta is shaping up to be VERY memorable.  In addition to the usual fun-loving stuff, such as daily prizes, racers' grill, challenging courses, and perfect weather, CYC, in cooperation with the "Bay Area Racing Federation" has designated the race on Saturday, February 15, as the Rob Moore Memorial Regatta, in memory of Rob.

Visit our fundraising site here.

Details will be reported as they become available on this race, underwritten by a gift from Rob, and run as both part of the Midwins and as a single-race trophy-bearing event, with additional prizes for "special" categories (best performance by a youth skipper, or a redhead, or a skipper with a mustache).

Schedule for February

Saturday, February 15

·        0830 – coffee & pastries in bar

·        1150 – Racing – First Warning

·        1200-1500 Pelican Grill open

·        1415-1715 – Band on Deck – Lady D and the Tramps (weather permitting)

·        1500 - Keg sponsored by BARF

·        1700 – 2000 – Racers Buffet dinner served in ballroom – Bar Open upstairs

o   Beef and Chicken fajitas, complimentary wine courtesy of Dry Creek Vineyards

·        1700- 2000 – Silent Auction – Tables located in Sunroom

·        1730 – Speaker Panel (John Craig, Dee Smith, Stan Honey, Kurt Jordan, Sally Lindsay Honey)

·        1845 – Live Auction

·        1900 -  Daily Robgatta trophies and other fun awards.  Silent auction closes afterwards.

Sunday, February 16

·        800-930 – breakfast buffet – Dining Room

·        900 – Sunday drink specials -  $4 Bloody Mary

·        930-1030 – Sunday am Speaker panel (Kame Richards, Seadon Wijsen, Will Paxton, Mike Gross) – in the ballroom

·        1150 – Racing – First Warning

·        1200-1700 – Pelican Grilll menu available

·        1700 +/- Daily and Series Awards- open bar – Upstairs in Ballroom


T-shirt sales 900-1200, 1400-1600 both days


Ticket sales for drinks, dinner and shirts 900-1900


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